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2016-06-23 06:00:00

“Smart Chip·Senodia Product Roadshow”was held in Beijing Hilton hotel on Jun. 23th,2016, which was a highlight after Guangzhou,Xian, and Chengdu roadshow, demonstrating the strength of Senodia in all-dimemsional way in sensor, fushion algorithm, solutions and applications.Senodia introduced the products' innovative application in intelligent industry,intelligent logistics, intelligent home and intelligent medical, also elaborated the development trend that MEMS sensor will be in products and applications.

Senodia demonstrated MEMS sensor and its applications

This roadshow also invited many government leaders and partners to attend. The director of electronic information integrated circuit division,Mr.Ren,delivered a speech of the opening ceremony. He has been focusing on and promoting the development of China's integrated circuit industry for a long time, recently put emphasis on MEMS industry and hope to speed up the development of China's MEMS industry throughout policy. Mr. Ren appreciated the achievement that Senodia made,also had high expectation for the future.

The director of electronic information integrated circuit division,Mr.Ren,was delivering a speech

Intelligent Chip——all-dimensional sensor solutions

As the founder and CEO of Senodia, Zou fully reflected elegant demeanour of China's MEMS leading company,and showed the great achievements that Senodia has made in the past years. The speech included three main parts:(1)The status quo of the development of China's MEMS industry.   (2)Sensor algorithm and applications of integrated solutions  (3)The vision and introduction of Senodia

CEO of Senodia, Mr.Zou

Zou started from the history of global MEMS development and pointed out the breakthrough of MEMS,including MEMS pressure sensor invented in the 1970s,silicon electrostatic motor in the end of 1980s,inkjet printhead ,the hard disk read/write head,the successive scale production of MEMS accelerometer and DMD in the 1990s,demonstrating the promising future of MEMS technology and microsystem.

Zou reviewed the history of his start-up career back to China, introducing status quo of China's MEMS industry(including scientific research and industrialization)and its feature "sub-size,mass market"as highlight. Zou mentioned that the growth of MEMS market will mainly from smart phone,wearable devices,internet of things,medical electrical products, smart automobile. It is predicted that till 2020, MEMS industry scale will beyond $20 billion, shipment will be over 30 billion.

As for the main global MEMS sensor suppliers,European and American companies occupy dominent position.By virtue of the rapid growth of comsumer electronics market,Bosch's market share ranks No.1 with its MEMS sales over $1.2billion. However in China, only ACC technology and Goertek are shortlisted global top 30.Memsic ranks between 30~40. According to China's chairman, Xi's new strategy addressed on the national science and technology innovation conference that "constructing science and technology powerful nation".China's MEMS practitioners should take more responsibility and mission.Zou expects more domestic companies to be on the international stage.Senodia will devote every effort to it.

In sensor algorithm,Zou explained:(1)The typical application algorithm of 3-axis gyroscope,including balance control algorithm (eg.four rotor aircraft application),displacement,attitude algorithm (eg.applications in air mouse, remote control,joystick); (2)9-axis inertial sensor application algorithm,including 9-axis attitude fushion algorithm,output quarternion,euler angle,rotation matrix,gesture recognition algorithm,module of intergrated algorithm(MCU,ARM); (3)1-axis gyroscope application algorithm,including gesture recognition algorithm based on 1-axis gyroscope(air signature),1-axis angle control(lock tail of toy helicopter),micro detection(wireless MIC); (4)mag-sensor application algorithm,including hard magnetic calibration algorithm,soft magnetic calibration algorithm,6-axis fushion algorithm of mag-sensor and accelerometer,appling for the magnetic calibration algorithm of single chip microcomputer platform and ARM platform.

Mr.Zou explained about 9-axis inertial sensor application algorithm

In the application of integrated solutions, Zou introduced applications of Senodia industrial-grade module,including industrial-grade IMU module and AHRS module,whose course angle precision is less than one degree,angel of roll and pitch is less than 0.3 degree,applying for UAV,robots,precision agriculture,platform stabilized platform,the camera haeundae control,etc.

Zou believed that the good chance of MEMS senor is coming.First of all, the imported deficit of China's chips in 2015 was up to $160 billion,local semiconductor companies got huge opportunities.Secondly,Chinese government attached great importance to semiconductor industry,hoping industry to be updated and transformed. Thirdly, Xi proposed the strategy of ivigorating China through science and technology.Last but not least,China set up the integrated circuit fund of $120 billion with other provinces' set of support.

Besides from consumer electronics,due to the big demand of "industry4.0",UAV,internet of things,the application of each field got the biggest opportunity ever,and one of the key to promote relevant industry's rapid development is massive popularization of MEMS sensor application.Senodia owns a complete product line of consumer and industrial gyroscope,and expands various types of industrial module based on gyroscope products to connect with intelligent car,precision agriculture,intelligent logistics,intelligent manufacture,intelligent medical treatment,etc.

Senodia not only breaks the monopoly of few international companies,released the first integrated 6-axis IMU sensor SH200i in China,also many new leading MEMS sensors to be expected. Senodia developed a series of application algorithm and modules according to different customers's demands, providing all-dimensional solutions for sensor.Senodia won three honors in 2016 by virtue of leading technology and products:(1)2015, CSIA, 10th China semiconductor innovative products and technical project; (2) 2016,outstanding market performance award:intelligent hardware;(3)2015,Top 5 MEMS company in China.

Zou said,"The honors Senodia got fully shows that China semiconductor industry identifies with the products and market competitiveness of Senodia. As a leading MEMS brand, we endeavor for the rise of China's MEMS industry with other peers.

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